2 de febrero de 2011

GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING (Tracy Chevalier - 1999)

   When a film is about a book, we can't avoid to compare them. It's true that in almost all cases, the film is worst than book but in this case is absolutely horrible when we are comparing both of them. The film is bland, slow, without substance and feeling. Furthermore, it's absolutely different that the book. It seems that it explains another story.
   Compare to the book, I can't say the same. It's interesting and from the page fifty to the end the story grips you. During seventeen century in a town of Holland, a family which have economical problems, have to loan their daughter, Griet, to work in the Vermeer's house who maintain his family painting pictures and selling them after.
    Johannes Vermeer lives with his wife, Catharina, his mother-in-law Maria Thins, maids and an army of seven children among Cornelia stands out, a nighmare to Griet. This spoiled child plays continuous pranks and makes Griet´s life a hell.
Johannes Vermeer (1632 - 1675)
   The story depicts the relationship between all characters with Griet but the mainly story in the book is the relationship between Vermeer and the protagonist. The painter is finding constantly his inspiration and has his particular sense and sensitivity with colours and the world which surround us. These feelings are catching and understanding by Griet. Moreover, she has to skip some embarrasing situations with Catharina, Maria Thins, Cornelia and Tanneke, another maid, to maintain her job and at the same time, her loyalty to Vermeer whereas this relationship is not liked by other women. Maria Thins understands that they need Griet so that her son-in-law paints and they would be able to sell paintings since the family is getting bigger and their debts are increasing. Besides, Griet has to face up familiar problems. 
  Therefore, with a jealous madame (Catharina), a manipulative boss (Maria Thins), a little devil (Cornelia) and some familiar problems, Griet has to live with them and at the same time, to serve her master in the way that he wants.
  I recommend you the book. It's an attractive and entertaining story with lure and a lot of subtleties. In my view, there are some different interpretations (I talked with other readers, they have different ideas than me, about the story) and this is a thing that I love. Freedom to interpretation.

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